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    Downgrading from iOS 11 beta...bricked...

    Jim RJim R Posts: 18
    Anyone dealing with this? I wasn't dealing with a jailbreak. I just thought iOS was too buggy.

    I'm taking it into the Apple Store, this afternoon, so it won't be a prolonged issue. However, I've tried DFU multiple times, alt/option select restore file, etc. Any other methods I can try so I can avoid the trip to the Apple Store?

    I keep getting error 4013.


    • Jim RJim R Posts: 18
      edited June 8
      It is possible, as outlined by this site. I've done it with past betas.

      The Apple Store was able to get it up and running, and I'm back to 10.3.3 beta. Not sure what I did wrong in downgrading.
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