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    Sony Announces Plans To Launch Online Store On The Likes Of iTunes

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageSony Announces Plans To Launch Online Store On The Likes Of iTunes

    Sony has been a significant player in a lot of markets that Apple is into - Mobile phones, MP3 players, computers,etc. However, one major difference between the two companies has been that while Apple is dominant in both the hardware and software segments, Sony has largely been a hardware player....

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    • josejose Posts: 138
      via Wordpress

      They might be laying a nesting ground for a new smartphone, I hope so, apple needs some healthier competition for it's prices to drastically reduce

    • PlchPlch Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      the company had recently launched a PlayStation Network for PlayStation customers to download games and movies on to their PSP.

      'Recently'? The Playstation Network and Playstation Store were launched in 2006, for both PSP and PS3...

    • nsfwnsfw Posts: 35
      via Wordpress

      @Jose, over the two year contract on an iphone yer likely to pay nearly $2400 just on service. How does it make a difference to you if the iphone costs $50 subsidized or $200? Even if you are trying to buy carrier unlocked, does it really matter if the phone goes from $600 to $300? You biggest expenses will always be service.

    • ejej Posts: 19
      via Wordpress

      yea but sony has been here forever

    • josejose Posts: 138
      via Wordpress

      ****, I understand what you are saying, I currently pay $168 per month which is retarded, but what I meant was that if Sony made a new product that could compete with the iPhone but for all other carriers, AT&T would have to make a big change in its service plan to keep it's customers.

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