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    AT&T Lawsuit: Court Rules Verizon Ads May Continue, AT&T Launches Counter Ad Campaign

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageAT&T Lawsuit: Court Rules Verizon Ads May Continue, AT&T Launches Counter Ad Campaign

    Yesterday, I had a nice little rant about why Verizon's ads deserved to be pulled off air. But that was not to be, as the Federal Court declined to issue a restraining order on Verizon from airing the ads. The next hearing on this case is only on December 16....

    Read the full story here


    • FrankyFranky Posts: 12
      via Wordpress

      I like it. It's just strange seeing AT&T saying it's a faster and better network as I'm use to verizon saying that. But yeah I like it. They should get even stronger then verizon that's the only way to win. Let's go AT&T lol the best smart phone. So true:-)

    • JoshJosh Posts: 265
      via Wordpress

      Quite frankly, I think it's a terrible commercial. And it doesn't even address what Verizon's ads are supposedly "misleading" people about (despite the fact that it clearly states in every commercial now that it's talking about 3G coverage).

    • FrankyFranky Posts: 12
      via Wordpress

      : AT&T is not going to win the war of getting customers for this hoilday season if they do a commerical informing why verizon was wrong in what they said. Maybe after the hoildays they could show the world the reason why verizon was wrong but not now. AT&T needs to kill the enemy.

    • JayJay Posts: 295
      via Wordpress

      That was the worse commercial ever, they brought a water gun to a war !!!

      I traveled alot to canada and other places and AT&T sucks balls i never got a good signal. Used my companys cell phone Verizon and it was full bars.

    • MarkMark Posts: 267
      via Wordpress

      it doesnt matter how good your 3G service if the coverage sucks.. they need to talk about the other aspects of AT&T

    • ChrisChris Posts: 736
      via Wordpress

      They sould stop wasting all the money on trials and advertising and spend it on building the network up like they should of been all along

      via Wordpress

      I think you and everyone here should stop been lil bitches
      And just realize that the iphone is old news and get a real fone
      Like the droid......I have a g1 rooted and I'm with tmobile
      And I whish I had adroid not a stupid I fonethat has no wigets
      And can only run one program at a time ........I can't believe people
      Actually pay a lot of money for this kind of fone,yeah right maybe
      When it first came out.........can't wait for the xperia x10 than what are you iphone
      Lover xcuse is gonna be .........peace out...

    • iPhoneiPhone Posts: 104
      via Wordpress

      thats here and there bud...for example when i had Verizon i did not get service 2 blocks from my house. But with att i get full service in my basement. Not saying u are wrong i am saying service is better with att in some places and Verizon in others. For me i don't care who i am with as long as the phone works...

    • JohnJohn Posts: 790
      via Wordpress

      I find it ironic how people take the extra effort to come to an iphone hacking website to post about how great their "other" phone is. Why don't you just... Run along now, this isn't hackdroid dot com here.

    • JohnJohn Posts: 790
      via Wordpress

      We definitely need 5x more coverage in the desert, just in case. But for others, simply having coverage where they use their phone is good enough. I really have no complaints about my service in my area and I travel up and down California.

    • hxcloshxclos Posts: 353
      via Wordpress

      Let's face it, the guy wishes he had an iPhone that's why he's here. He probably can't afford one because no one wants to hire a stoner who spells phone with an F.

    • SamSam Posts: 218
      via Wordpress

      HA, LOL, he asked his mom to get him one and she said no, i cant afford 200 dllrs, get one of those 50 buck ones, LOL

    • via Wordpress

      my friend works for Verizon Wireless and he told me he loves the droid. I then asked him, "It's almost like the Iphone, huh?" and he said yeah, almost. lol

    • JayJay Posts: 295
      via Wordpress

      I would spend my money on hooked on phonics better, then getting a phone.

    • clj41clj41 Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      The truthabout3G website doesn't show anything different from the 3G map Verrizon uses. In fact, that site makes it MORE difficult to see the difference between 3G and it's less-than-3G data network.

    • TimWTimW Posts: 430
      via Wordpress

      Oooooohhhh an X10!!!!
      Did you not know That Windows & SE has announced NO NEW UPDATES FOR EXPERIA on winmob os??
      Get your mum to buy you two paper cups and a bit of string and go play with your little friends. (or try 'going' to school)

    • badfishbadfish Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      1. I don't know WTF is keeping track if AT&T's 'dropped calls.' How can they say they have the fewest? Even when I have full bars in my apartment, which is ton the top of a giant hill, I drop calls frequently.

      2. Everyone knows that Verizon's reception is better. Everyone.

      3. I'm switching to Verizon as soon as they start selling the iPhone.

      Conclusion: AT&T sucks. Verizon's service is better. But I'm not already telling you something you don't already know.

    • PlayafiedPlayafied Posts: 55
      via Wordpress

      I can't wait until Verizon starts carrying the iphone... and I hope alot of people leave AT&T.

      That way the network can become less clogged up for me to use my iphone on AT&T as I please... and have faster 3g speeds and zero dropped calls!!

      Not only that, the people that'll think that Verizon will be able to handle such a surge to its network will truly realize how stupid they were to even switch carriers...

      I've never had any trouble with my iphone or the 3g in Louisiana... a dropped call every now and then but it's really rare.

      We shall see how well the service can handle it when the iphone debuts to Verizon in 2010!

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