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    4iThumbs: Screen Overlay to Make Your Touch Screen Typing Easier

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
    via Wordpress in
    image4iThumbs: Screen Overlay to Make Your Touch Screen Typing Easier

    Ever looked at a Blackberry or Palm Pre and thought how cool it would be if your iPhone had a physical keyboard too? I'm sure you never thought that way, but what if someone actually did? In that case, you could go for the iTwinge, but if that embarasses you,...

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    • EgyptEgypt Posts: 115
      via Wordpress

      I think the worst part about this product (besides the fact it takes away from the point of having a touch keyboard) is the setup/storage. Come on now.. having to take it off and put it back on EVERY TIME u want to text is ridiculous. O and did you see the way you store it? That's obviously gonna fall off when u try to put it in your pocket.....

      LOL at the price for landscape vs portrait.

    • jimjim Posts: 128
      via Wordpress

      Good idea, poorly executed.

    • GregGreg Posts: 106
      via Wordpress

      Never seen such rubbish before, wast of time fail!

    • DonDon Posts: 111
      via Wordpress

      too bad it doesn't work for vertical keyboard...secondly the ad is similiar to apple ads

    • RayRay Posts: 121
      via Wordpress

      Come on! Did you even read this article? It is CLEARLY stated, pointed out and made record of, that this works both Vertical and Horizontal.

      In fact you are lucky! The vertical is the cheapest option!

      Brain dead people should not be allowed to comment or read these forums.

    • drew peacockdrew peacock Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Ray you are a ****.

    • hxcloshxclos Posts: 353
      via Wordpress

      lol, I'm pretty sure he meant landscape though. Anyways this seems like an ok product although I don't think I would ever buy this.

    • DonDon Posts: 111
      via Wordpress

      Thanks drew peacock & I agree with you that Ray is such a **** head.He thinks he is so perfect & he thinks that everybody would read the whole article. It depends whether people is interested in this article or not to read the whole thing.

    • dxs101dxs101 Posts: 52
      via Wordpress

      well bud he is not a **** it's kind of dumb for someone yo comment on something they don't even know all the information on it...

    • JroseJrose Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      It's only $16! I'm going to get it to try it. I miss textin and not looking at my phone. By the way RAY is a
      **** head

    • KK Posts: 44
      via Wordpress
    • DickDick Posts: 13
      via Wordpress
    • jessiejessie Posts: 11
      via Wordpress

      I purchased 4iThumbs and I got to say I’m impressed! I’ve read some of the comments on these boards and you guys are judging without even giving this product a chance! First of all other then the top and bottom alignment guides you can’t tell that you added anything to the phone. I don’t type emails on the iPhone because I make to many mistakes. Now I’m trying again to type emails the verdict is still out but so far I have seen appreciable improvement. Believe it or not, it really doesn’t get in the way of my other stuff on the phone. The bumps are low enough so you just go over them andclear, you can barely see it and there kind of cool, since no one else has it . So, I would give it a chance before people start judging something they haven’t tried. Also, maybe it’s not for you! But I’m sure you know someone who might need this.

    • PippaPippa Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      Egypt it is not hard to take off and store the tactile keyboard it is literally a quick movement and you are done. You have to see one to really understand how easy and helpful they are. The commercials don't do them justice.
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