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    Apple Releases iTunes 9.1 To Sync With iPad; Prevents Tethered Jailbroken iPhones From Syncing [Upda



    • william doorwilliam door Posts: 2
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    • KrisKris Posts: 21
      via Wordpress

      hey you are a fuckin asshole he was just asking a question. u dont have to be a **** about it not everyone is technologicaly inclined fuckin ****

    • JerzyJerzy Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      I just applied iH8Sn0w fix and as a result it disabled permanetly my Antivirus software and my computer is significantly slower. Now I have to remove whatever Sh1t it installed.

    • TagartTagart Posts: 47
      via Wordpress

      Hmmm.... Don't really think I'm ignorant, I haven't name called anyone like you have either so with that note I don't think I'm childesh as well. Why did I not put a link? Because he already answered the question so there's no point. I'm gonna take a note from TimW's page and tell you that now all you're really doing is boring me. It's the same old song and dance as your previous post.

    • TagartTagart Posts: 47
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      Ouch, that really sucks. I think your best bet is to uninstall itunes. Then do a google search for a previous version and download and install it and just forget about 9.1 for now.

    • TagartTagart Posts: 47
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      You're right, human race IS fucked. Not for the reason you think though. Technology is the reason. I believe that it's things like television and radio even though I thoroughly enjoy them. Dunno where you live but I live in the U.S. If you look at the education system and the constant decline on how much knowledge is taught bc of the no child left behind law you'd understand. I feel that it's bc of TV and video games that children don't take the time to do their homework and study. I understand that not everyone is on the same intelligence level but if they did do their studies we wouldn't have the decline in the learning curve like it is.

      So no, it's not bullying, if you really stop and think bullying is the reason why we've come as far as we have. War is the biggest bullying there is and war is the reason for technology, to have bigger and badder weapons than the other guy. The internet was born out of war. It exists because of the U.S. government needing an infrastructure to communicate with all their missiles during the cold war with the Soviet Union. So thank bullying for you being able to even see this page.

    • TarkinMXTarkinMX Posts: 12
      via Wordpress

      dont think Id want to stick it to a man..... much less a wrinkly old one ;-P

    • MrShoehornMrShoehorn Posts: 4
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      Perhaps he doesn't know what a tethered jailbreak is? I didn't and i've been messing with iphones since they came out. Usually when you put a person by reverting to their education level, it tends to help when you can spell words correctly.

      ~ Shoe

    • just sayin'just sayin' Posts: 66
      via Wordpress

      you see..this is the problem..u don't have to think. like you said...i'm stating the obvious. you are ingnorant..and are childish.
      you don't have to call names to be offensive. the smart thing for you would be to just stop while you're ahead..behind..whatever.

      lets just leave it there..since you can't back yourself up. talk about boring..u just took the words outta my mouth. literally took those words outta TimW's post.

    • TagartTagart Posts: 47
      via Wordpress

      Back myself up? You're just not making sense now. Rick James said it best himself, "cocaine is a hell of a drug," so maybe you need to come off whatever bull **** you're smoking and act grown up yourself. Stop being a hypocrite and start practicing what you preach there buddy.

    • TagartTagart Posts: 47
      via Wordpress

      Found some interesting news for you, take a look at this link, 3rd post. Saurik's server does indeed pull the SHSH file from apple unfortunately. :-(

    • just sayin'just sayin' Posts: 66
      via Wordpress

      ok..i'll admit..i am being childish at this point. talk about dropping to your level..
      but u are just delusional.. sittin on your high horse..think you're just plain better than other people.
      i think they have meds for your situation.

      if you would just take your own advice and 'READ'..i wouldn't have to explain everything i say.
      think you're not childish?? back it up..start acting like u've matured.

      i mean..your only defense is quoting other people.......really??
      'same song same dance'..very fitting for you.

      listen..this is about you...
      focus on YOU.
      Fix your OWN SELF. YOU have a problem.
      I may have given you too much credit. you are dumber than you actually sound.

      i'm done.

    • DimitrisDimitris Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      I found 9.0, i already uninstall 9.1 and reinstall 9.0.. but same ****...

      my iphone 3g jailbreak refuzed to syncronize with itunes...

      that sucks..

      :( :( :(

    • fmlfml Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      wow this thread goes down endlessly... i have just wasted 10 mins of my life reading all ur comments..fml

    • via Wordpress

      but why is everyone here so nasty?

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