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    Air Dictate App Allows You to Take Notes on Your Mac Using Siri

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    imageAir Dictate App Allows You to Take Notes on Your Mac Using Siri

    If you are extensively using Siri to dictate emails, text messages etc. on your iPhone 4S then you're probably missing it while typing things on your computer.

    Folks at Avatron who have brought us apps like Air Sharing, which turns your iPhone into a portable drive have just released an app called Air Dictate that will allow you to dictate on your Mac using Siri.

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    • WiiltWiilt Posts: 104
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      App store link is wrong
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
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      Little on the expensive side.
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      I use the iPad to create trip reports. Usually type 1 or two pages in length per site visit. I purchased an Apple BT keyboard and it works ok. I never carry my MacBook Pro anymore as the iPad2 does 95% of what I need on the road.I would like use Air Dictate on the iPhone 4S to dictate to the iPad2. This would save a lot of time recapping my thoughts after meetings and would really complement their offering. Would a receiver app for the iPad be possible?
    • JPJP Posts: 28
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      You can use touchpad app on the iPhone 4s to do this.It's easy and also means you don't need an app running on the iPad so you can dictate in anything that is openon the iPad (mail etc).How? Jailbreak the iPad and install a vnc server app such as veencyInstall touchpad on the iPhone and setup a custom connection. Note the iPad's ip address and login. You'll need to create a profile for each place where you want this to work (home, work, Bluetooth sync). Once setup touchpad will automaticallya uthenticate with the iPad every time you start the app on your iPhone. All you need to do is Tap the microphone button on the keyboard in touchpad and you start to dictate
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