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    Need some help, first time apple/ipad owner

    Bigbeard86Bigbeard86 Posts: 2
    edited July 2012 in Jailbreak Forum
    whats up everyone. i just bought the new ipad a couple of days ago and need some help with something (loving it so far, used android and pc all my life).

    i dl lots of movies off torrents; i am having a problem getting them onto my ipad. Converting the video files (hd movies) takes way too long.

    what is the best way to get movies onto my ipad so i can watch them during trips or even connect them to my TV? when i try to transfer files itunes tells me the ipad cant play it. how can i sync the files to my ipad and more importantly, what is the best player to get that will play most file types? thanks, ill appreciate any info. and opinions.


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