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1mole: The first spy software for iDevices TRULY 100% FREE

1mole is a spy software that allows you to secretly receiving data from the mobile device where it is installed
Download it on:

Available for  iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, this application is ideal for people who want to:

- Discover the truth about their relationship
- Monitor employees in a company
- Keep an eye on their children
- And much more…

The particularity of this spy software is to be invisible in the mobile device. Once installed, simply enter a secret code to make appear/disappear the interface. After that, you can log into your account on our website to view a copy of the data.

- Track GPS locations (FREE)
- Record text messages (SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp) (FREE)
- Log Calls details (FREE)
- Website monitoring (FREE)

How does it works?

1. Create an account on (Free)
2. Install 1mole in the mobile device you want to spy and connect the spyware to your account with your user ID.
3. Login to your Bosspy account on and see the data that has been transmitted.

It invisible in:
- The sprinboard
- Cydia (Sources and packages)
- Search Tab
- SBsettings and iFile
- Settings (Location Services)
- And everywhere on the iDevice!

I hope you will enjoy that new app :-)


  • I don't trust free app, especially if my privacy and my love one’s privacy are at risk. I Just log in to their site and their data is not even encrypted, you can see the other member information such as passwords and etc. While copy10 is safe (upgraded from copy9) it is more trusted and advanced.
  • The problem with Copy10:
    1. It's not a spy software because a child can find him in SBsettings and MobileSubstracte.
    2. It cost xxx,xx$ / year
    3. It don't have the keylogger function
    At the end, pay for a bad service or have one spy software 100% free... I think everybody makes his choice already hihi
  • milettemilette Posts: 2
    I have no issues with copy10, I am a direct user of this application. My privacy or information (is safe) is encrypted and with ssl. I would rather pay a spy app like copy10 than installing a free app that I am not sure if my privacy is safe and everything.
  • warren68warren68 Posts: 1
    Well I noticed that Copy10 is not free to use and it is safe, so it makes sense that Boss Spy wouldn't have added services like data encryption. I have not yet tried Boss Spy, but I hope the creator does not intend to gather our personal data for malicious purposes.
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