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    Jailbreaking an iPod Touch 5G through a lightning to 30 pin adapter?

    Running iOS 7.0.2, I can of course not jailbreak my iPod touch right now. On the other hand, considering the imminent release of an iOS 7 jailbreak, I realized that the fact that I was using a lightning bolt male to 30 pin female adapter for it may cause issues depending on which ports jailbreaking uses, and what kind of compatibility the adapter offers (especially considering that I got the adapter directly from Apple, and if there were any place to bottleneck potential jailbreakers, this could be it). Has anyone ever jailbroken an iPod Touch 5 (probably the same deal with the iPhone 5/s/c) through a 30 pin adapter? Can I expect it to work? Or should I just cough up and buy a new lightning bolt cable?
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