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    iPad 4 stuck in soft DFU / recovery mode

    LuSiDLuSiD Posts: 4
    edited July 2013 in Jailbreak Forum
    Hope someone here can help me.
    I have been given an iPad 4 (newest version with lightening connector) which is stuck in soft DFU mode with a black screen. Redsnow gives this as the mode it's stuck in. I have no idea how it got to this position, I've just been asked to try and rescue the data from it. Apple store has already had a look and the "genius's" couldn't do anything with it.

    I need to try and save the data on the device if I can so I'm looking for a way to kick it out of soft DFU and get it to either boot (preferred) or even into regular DFU so I can maybe tether JB or something. I just need to save the data.

    I have tried, Redsnow, iReb, Tiny Umbrella all failed to kick it from the loop. Holding buttons to reset doesn't work just boots straight back into the soft DFU mode with no apple logo ever appearing. Always constant black screen.

    Any help much appreciated.


    • LuSiDLuSiD Posts: 4
      edited July 2013
      I should also mention that when Redsnow reports it's in soft DFU mode and can't do anything I can try to put it in normal DFU mode to use the recovery fix, but when Redsnow detects what I assume is DFU mode, it then moves to the next screen and just says 'unexpected error' and stops.
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    • SytaSyta Posts: 2
      I have the same exact issue with my iphone 5! It would be much appreciated if anybody could help! This is so frustrating. If possible i would like to turn on my phone without having to restore because the restore would cause me to update to 7.1 and i would lose all jailbreak capability. Could anybody please help?
    • SytaSyta Posts: 2
      I also have tried using redsn0w and tried Just booting. pwned dfu mode but it says these features are unsupported by my device
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