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    Please help

    My iPhone SE is linked to my iPhone 5 even though I'm not signed into iCloud. My iTunes account says I'm sharing with an iPod and iPad yet I don't have either. The share my location and mobile data are greyed out as is mobile hotspot but restrictions are disabled. I'm almost sure my husband has a spy app on 1 or both of my phones and I have restored them both as new phones a few times now but this doesn't seem to work. I don't know if this has anything to do with my laptop as I always use this to restore both devices. I feel like I'm going crazy, and am turning into a paranoid wreck. Please help


    • plzhlpplzhlp Posts: 2
      I understand!!!! I have gone thru several iPhones over the past 5 years. Each one being compromised. It's my ex!! Apple won't acknowledge their products can be compromised and trying to find answers is almost impossible. I hope you figure things out!!!
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