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    iPhone Firmware 3.0 Beta Hacked to Enable USB Tethering

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiPhone Firmware 3.0 Beta Hacked to Enable USB Tethering

    One of the features in iPhone firmware 3.0 that Apple strangely didn't announce was support for tethering but provided some details about the feature during the Q&A session. Irish iPhone developer, Steven Troughton-Smith who had figured out a way to enable Emoji icons in iPhone firmware 2.2 with a simple...

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    • JJ Posts: 131
      via Wordpress

      let me bend over some more AT&T so you can shove another $30 (or even $10) to me for tethering! #%@#%#$#!

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      Few more points:

      You won't have to hack your iPhone when firmware 3.0 is released in summer and your carrier supports tethering, Steven Troughton-Smith as this is still beta.

      He has mentioned that MMS was enabled in his plans.

      Most carriers charge an additional fee for the tethering functionality so its not really about AT&T.

    • teyteeesteyteees Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      How was this iphone unlocked with 3.0? Was it a 2.28 baseband from dev-team's new update beta or factory unlocked?

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      It wasn't unlocked, Steven Troughton-Smith seems to have hacked some settings to get it to work. since he is an iPhone developer he has access to the beta firmware and was able to activate it as he has a dev account.

    • maniipmaniip Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      have you guys noticed the magnifying glass above the mail app?? anyone knows what is it for?

    • Brett SimonsenBrett Simonsen Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      That's the new search function that will be in 3.0, when you swipe to the right side instead of the usual left side you will get a search menu where you can type anything you want to find on your iphone and it will list everything with those words in it and where it's located on the phone, just press on the one you want and the program will open. Pretty much just like the search function in Windows Vista.

    • bastian gattenbastian gatten Posts: 43
      via Wordpress

      Ok as long as PDAnet still works AT&T and/or any other carrier can take their teathering bundles and shove them where the sun don't shine... A thank you very much.

    • TjTj Posts: 102
      via Wordpress

      Well as long as they've made it an official feature it won't take long for a hack to come out that'll enable it for free. All it does is link the two connections together, which is how PDANet does it, but because it's currently so difficult to figure that out they charge for it on jailbreak. Since it'll be within the normal developer API's, it should be much easier to access and use freely. AT&T doesn't know if I'm using my internet connection with the iPhone or the Computer, so it does seem like a relatively simple hack.

    • MarcusMarcus Posts: 91
      via Wordpress

      i for one will use pdanet and try not to use too much data to tip At&t off i wont be taking it up the butt and paying extra fees for it

    • NourNour Posts: 12
      via Wordpress

      Pdanet thank you guys.

    • CharlieCharlie Posts: 41
      via Wordpress

      Or spotlight on mac :P

    • punktilendpunktilend Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      tethering should be free, its not like your using anything that you wouldn't if you where to use your phone for internet

    • GeoffGeoff Posts: 12
      via Wordpress

      Yes you are, you download a lot more data when browsing the full site on a laptop then you do on the phone, not to mention it's easier to download files on the computer.

    • grumpnetgrumpnet Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      I agree, if you keep the tethering to a minimum you won't have to take it up the A**! Also, why use Pdanet or any other app, just ssh and port forward it. It's actually better than the other solutions and it's free. I tried them all and found myself uninstalling them to go manual and connect direct.

    • what29what29 Posts: 4
      via Wordpress

      I was a genius and bricked my iphone 2 days ago and was stuck until i found the website that i linked to my name above, just click on my name to go there. They had me up and running in no time and i now have complete access to their Apple developers account with my own user ID and password. It was worth it, just my 2 cents for anyone who is in the same boat i was.

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