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    iPhone Firmware 3.0: 100 New Features Including Copy & Paste, MMS, Spotlight, Stereo Bluetooth, Push



    • ZedSefiZedSefi Posts: 130
      via Wordpress

      Regarding the accelerometer, there is a SBSettings toggle called 'NoRotation' that should do what you have asked for.

    • Kray-ZKray-Z Posts: 85
      via Wordpress

      nice, thanks. I guess its a good temp fix. I was looking more for something like holding the corner as you rotate or something that is more temporary than having to go to settings every time i want to change it. You know what i mean? But thanks again, good app.

    • TimWetterTimWetter Posts: 20
      via Wordpress

      Prefix & Duplicate!!!

      I use prefixes for my contavts folders, always have even before iphone.

      Example for you: (persons with this)
      Wife becomes ~ AAA[insert name of significant other] thus propelling her/him to the no.1 slot
      I use AAA, AA, A to sort the most used contacts so they remain first on my list

      Using the same prefix idea, I use Z for companies, as i find it one of the least used letters and my contacts Z field is always unused so now ALL my companies are listed using ZZZ, ZZ, Z in order of importance
      You will find that if you double up the contacts so as to have 'David' as one contact & 'Davecom' as another, yet the phone no. is the same for both, your display will say 'David or Davecom calling' for incoming & 'David or Davecom' on outgoing calls.
      Takes a bit of time to retype, but helps if you use clippy etc

      Hope this helps, it works for me

    • TimWetterTimWetter Posts: 20
      via Wordpress

      Me again :)
      Have a look at ABgrouper, available from Cydia on BigBoss repo
      Quote: "Create, manage and delete groups of contacts in your address book"
      Try and create a Companies group
      (i'm giving it a go, chuck a reply to this and i'll report back on findings)

    • carlcarl Posts: 15
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      I wonder if the battery life is going to suffer because of the new "push" notifications for the 3rd party apps. That's all I need.....or is there a way to conserve the battery by turning the notifications off?

    • randyrandy Posts: 32
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      Will ver 3 let us tether to the internet from a PC through an iPhone?

    • DayveDayve Posts: 1
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      is there anyway to get a hold of any 3.0 apps that developers may have created already like the meebo which takes use of the push notification...

    • HariHari Posts: 20
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      do they charge from us to update the apple 3.0 oparating version?

    • subbusubbu Posts: 1
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      in 100 features do they provide push mail notification on desk top of the iphone screen.

    • YeahYeah Posts: 4
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    • sk8addiction247sk8addiction247 Posts: 1
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      Is this only for iphone 3G or can I get all of the 3.0 firmware on my first edition iphone. I've been hearing that the new MMS texting wont work on an older iphone?

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
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      iPhone OS 3.0 will be available for free for 1st generation iPhone as well.

      What you heard is true, MMS feature will be available only in iPhone 3G.

    • james aditionjames adition Posts: 1
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