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    Switch to iPhone: How to move Contacts, Emails and Calendar

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageSwitch to iPhone: How to move Contacts, Emails and Calendar

    There are only two kinds of people, ones who have switched to iPhone and the ones who eventually will. Seriously, my love for iPhone knows no bound (as you might have figured out from my first statement). Hence, here is a little something to help you switch to the iPhone....

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    • scigoscigo Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      I don't know how about you but I can't get the emails to work via this method. Contacts and calendar works fine.
      For email I have to have a separate account and then it works. Any ideas why?
      Also a little tip from me. In order for a contact to synchronize the picture attached, you have to have email address saved for this contact.

    • KevKev Posts: 18
      via Wordpress

      nice tip~~! very helpful.
      Can you also cover how to make hotmail email account to work in iphone?

    • iPhone GuyiPhone Guy Posts: 9
      via Wordpress

      Go to other in mail setup and just put your email and password in and your hotmail should work. Mine did!

    • JimmyJimmy Posts: 80
      via Wordpress

      how to get speed dail,voice dail and longer recent call log.

    • scigoscigo Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      I think I phone guy is right is should work now as hotmail opened their pop3. I don't use hotmail myself.
      To Jimmy you can try mobilelog from Cydia.

      Iny ideas what do I do wrong with my gmail and iphone exchange so it doesn't work ???

    • PhoenixPhoenix Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      quick unrelated question, ihave the first gen iphone running 2.2.1 and was wondering if its possible to upgrade to iphone OS 3.0?

    • LucyLucy Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      I didnt realize you could control where the contacts went so all mine are on my work email. That means when the serve goes down i loose my contacts. Can i transfer them to my imac account or do i need to re-type them all in?

    • LarryLarry Posts: 54
      via Wordpress
      Syncing from Exchange to a new iPhone is simple as noted. If you're an old iPhone user and acquire an Exchange account, what's the process for having your iPhone contacts and calendar sync to and empty Exchange account?
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