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    icloud bypass gone wrong

    hi can anyone please help so i did a icloud bypass using ios soft dev pack 7.1 all went well .....well i could get into the phone but then cydia wouldnt open or launch. I delete searched google and tryed installing pangu which come back with an error and evasion 7 which i have no clue if it worked or not then finally the redsnow app and now i cant seem to get it to do anything. During all of this i have managed to put it in bootloop a hundred timesalmost and im pretty sure brick the device aswell.

    I am a amateur to iphone devices and am just kind of figuring it all out along the way.
    Device is gsm iphone 4 thanks for reading and i hope someone out there can help


    • mumumumu Posts: 2
      after first failed bypass and bootlooping the device i did find a vid on youtube to remove device from bootloop and put back into dfu.i then ran soft dev tool all over again and wala iphone was working but again without cydia and safari launching .so i experimented more with all the above and now when i try to repeat soft dev i keep getting error about mnt1/applications/preferences directory
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