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    Help needed! iPhone 3gs Jailbreak gone horribly wrong.

    So I Jailbroke my iPhone 3gs like 3 years ago and had it working fine for like 3 days until I decided I wanted to unjailbreak it and I did that and my phone was restored and everything worked perfectly.

    About a week ago I decided I wanted to Jailbreak my iphone again so that I could use iCleaner to get more space for music (since that's all I use my 3gs for now that I have the 5c).

    I jailbroke my phone (using the iphone hacks guide) and installed iCleaner and safely clean out my languages and excess files and all of that. It gave me almost 2 extra gigs than what I had before. The next day after having it on the charger all night I started to listen to music with it and the battery started dying unbelievably fast. After 4 songs I had reached 50% and at 50% my phone cut off. I plugged it in to the charger and that didn't work so I had to plug my computer and use redsn0w to boot it again. I left it on the charger all night again and the next day it did the same exact thing and I had to use my computer to reboot it again. I went through that whole process again for a third day but this time when I tried to boot it, it wouldn't boot and it got stuck in recovery mode.

    When It got stuck in recovery mode I used Tiny Umbrella to get it out of the recovery loop and that worked one time but before I got a chance to restore the phone or unjailbreak it, the battery got to 50% and died.

    Every since I have been trying for days to get it out of recovery mode. I successfully got it into dfu mode after exiting recovery mode a couple times but itunes would not restore it and redsn0w will not boot it. and I unfortunately can not put it in dfu mode manually because the power/sleep button is broken.

    If anybody can help me restore my phone back to the jailbroken version or even restore it back to normal please help!

    Thank you.
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