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    New iPhone: iPhone OS 3.0 reveals User Interface of Video Recording Feature

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageNew iPhone: iPhone OS 3.0 reveals User Interface of Video Recording Feature

    iPhone OS 3.0 had revealed an interesting screenshot and some art resources which had suggested that Apple's new iPhone might have video recording, upload and editing capabilities. MacRumors has just published a screenshot which was discovered in iPhone OS 3.0 that shows the user interface of the video recording feature....

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    • marcmarc Posts: 103
      via Wordpress

      Looks exciting but I'm not crossing any fingers just yet. A fair amount of these things can be done already. Camera, video, uploading...all stuff that isn't new. My iPhone wasn't really ever out of focus except for macro shots. Good to see this though.

    • EgyptEgypt Posts: 115
      via Wordpress

      Wait so no video recording app for 3g users or what? Either way im gonna try to trade in my iphone.

      Keep up the good work iPhonehacks and thanks for giving me credit.

    • TjTj Posts: 102
      via Wordpress

      I'm going to assume the color square on the lower left of the screenshot is a toggle for grayscale/sepia/color recording.

      Looks snazzy. Can't wait to see the new iPhone come out!

    • ZoltanZoltan Posts: 18
      via Wordpress

      wonder if the video recording feature really worked or if it had trouble opening the video device, that would be some hackish ingenuity if someone figd. out how to make it work on the 3g. im gonna trade mine in anyways but still. that wud still be cool

    • Jonny HJonny H Posts: 47
      via Wordpress

      Dude, man. I don't care how much the new iphone costs. I think I have to have it!

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