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    How to read thoughts

    Only 10% of all the information we pick up when talking to someone is conveyed through words. 30% is conveyed through the emotional tone of the other person’s voice, and 60% is conveyed through their gestures, body language and eyes. Unfortunately, most people are unaware what specific gestures mean. The most important information therefore goes unnoticed.

    But now anyone can learn to be a mind-reader! Using this app, you will be able to:

    • find out the whole story - whether people are lying to you, trying to hide their displeasure, being mean to you, making fun of you, feeling ashamed, are secretly in love with you, seeking your approval, having doubts, or flirting with you - the whole gamut of human emotions is revealed in people’s gestures and body language and the look in their eyes;
    • modify your behavior based on what you learn, feel confident and at ease in any situation, and make the right decisions every time;
    • manipulate others and use gestures to communicate effectively;
    • create a positive image for yourself or, alternatively...learn how to deceive people with artistry.


    And now you too have the chance to lift the veil of secrecy and find out what people are really thinking!


    iTunes link:
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