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    Butrol 3.5

    I am very new with Ios. I just got first ipad 1 month ago. I have madden jailbreak in my device (ipad mini 7.0 ios), 2 weeks ago and installed mame4all with my preferred roms.

    The problem was 2 weeks ago. Trying to syncro music from my PC to Ipad-mini trought I-tunes i update ios to oficial 8.0 and jaibreak went off. Then mame4all wasnt working, i-filr wasnt working , and other apps i had were broken.

    Looking in forums i decided to jailbreak to 8.1 using Pangu with cydia automatic instalation.

    The problem is now with Butrol, i cant download the deb from cydia cuz says its not supported for 8.1 IOS and i am not able to install any .deb myself with itools or ifunbox cuz system dir is hidden in ios 8.1. There is no var/root or i am not able to find it.

    All my apps are working , mame4all is working , ifile is working , i know my device is jailbreaked ok and cydia its installed ok with 8.1 I even have instaled **** 4.0-8.1 and i can install/delete apps with ifunbox.

    But I got 2 problems:

    1.I dont know how to install debs in 8.1 cuz i am not able to find root system files in my ipad with ifunbox or with itools.
    2. I need an app working with ios 8.1 to allow use my ps3 pad with mame4all roms cuz butrol its not working with 8.1

    It would be posible to downgrade 8.1 to 7.0 ? If isnt posible, wich is the best solution for use a bluetooth gamepad with 8.1?

    Excuse my low english level , and my low knowledge of ios system and apps (i am a nOOB in this world) and thanks for just have readden all this lines and try to help me.


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