Help! iPhone 5 stuck on apple logo with progress bar and no progress being made

So on my way to upgrade to my new phone at Verizon I removed my passcode and turned off find my iPhone and pressed erase all data and restore. Now my phone is stuck on apple logo with progress bar but no progress being made.
I put my phone in DFU and itunes sees it but when I restore with itunes nothing happens. Phone shows 12GB free memory-like almost all info is erased.
How can I get this phone working again so I can sell/trade?
Strange-phone is still showing up on find my iPhone

I already restarted my computer and changed USB ports-now it says iPhone can not be restored. Device can not be found.

So now I can't get into DFU mode. I still have Applecare. Should I just take it in and say that I was updating to ios 8.1.1 and this happened? Would they be able to trace the old jailbreak.?

Thank you in advance!