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    iPhone lemon

    Apple has released a not-ready-for-primetime product and needs to fess up to its faults:

    A week after I purchased iPhone 6-plus in Nov. 2014, it choked on an email I sent with pictures and caused an extra $60 of cell data to be used. I immediately talked to an apple technician (Codey Scheve 877-416-4271 ext. 57679) over two days who identified the problem as an email problem but offered no solution. I talked to an AT&T technician who told me that the bigger phone uses more data. I received two texts about 10 hours apart from AT&T about data overages. I thought they had to be duplicates. When I got the bill there were three overages not two, for total $60. AT&T would write off only $20. Yesterday (12/10/2014) at the Apple store the floor manager said I could return the phone and someone at AT&T store in Kenwood Mall said that if Apple did that, they would cancel the contract. Back to Apple store and the manager gave me $160 cash for the things I paid for with the iPhone 5 I turned in, but then found he could not accept the return of the phone because it was now owned by AT&T. But the AT&T store said they could not accept the phone on return because it came out of the Apple store stock. Back to Apple store I talked to Matt Konn, store leader, who said I could not return the phone because it was beyond the return policy, even though the problem happened in the first 14 days and I had kept working for a resolution.

    I also pointed out these problems:

    1) There is no warning when sending a large email that can't go through. But it keeps trying and retrying, eating cell data.

    2) The phone already is bent.

    3) Phone keeps asking for gmail password to two accounts about every three weeks

    4) Touch top of fingerprint bar and half of screen disappears. Store manager told me yesterday this was a feature so you can more easily reach top of screen. But that function is not intuitive and it appears to be an IOS problem.

    5) When you press the off on button which has been moved from the top to the side, you also turn down the volume because they now are opposite each other.

    6) When sending a picture in a message from camera app, cursor is at far left of name space then jumps right on first character entry

    7) Pasting in notes app isn't auto-match style so it brings spacing and sizing you can't correct

    8) New text message feature to let you reply while in another app is faulty. If you are not finished replying and another text arrives, you lose what you had typed on first text.
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