This Amazing App Turns your iPhone and iPad Into An Office

BrRafique Posts: 3
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How many of you do your homework on your laptop? Have you ever tried word processing software with your iPhone? In our current age of rapid moving technology, it’s hard remember a time when homework wasn’t done with Word on our computer, let alone writing by hand. (It’s kind of weird to think about, actually). Nowadays, we have a plethora of techie gadgets and tools, and there’s an even more variety of apps for almost everything you do.

Take for example Office ToGo by Nexscience. What’s awesome about this multi-function app is you can scan and send a Fax directly from your iPhone or iPad (I’m LOVING this feature!!) sign, fill out and send PDFs, or even draw or write handwritten notes (excellent for note taking in class!) With all of its features and at only $3.99, this productivity app is not only a valuable tool for busy students but necessary for business! Seriously, check it out and the other apps Nexscience has to offer here