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    [Free] HearThyVoice - Your Customer Experience Concierge

    App Tittle : HearThyVoice - Your Customer Experience Concierge

    App Link :

    Description : Have you ever felt misguided and/or taken advantage of from an experience with a particular organization/company and you kept 'putting off' writing that long letter and/or email to share your experience of discontent. Or have you enjoyed an experience of great service and wished that you remembered the person who served you but forgot his/her name later in that week when you came around to call or write about the experience....Wait no further---Instant Custom Experience Feedback is here !

    We all know that Customer feedback is essential for the growth and stability for any organization. Our App is the first of its kind which will allow you to record (via text or voice) your experience with any Company, Organization and/or Association and give an overall rating which will be composed and transmitted by our Customer Experience Concierge service to your target audience.

    Download our App for FREE and proceed to ::

    1.. Enter Details about the Company you are reviewing.

    2. Speak or Write about your Experience.

    3. Speak or Write what you are wanting from the company ie) credit, free product.

    4. Rate the Service Provider and SEND the Experience.

    Your Custom Experience Concierge agent will publish the information for you and send you a confirmation !

    If you want to further expand the reach to those you want to notify about the experience and share such information with many social media sites...feel free to upgrade and 'upon each shared experience', select which social media portals your would too like to post your experience with ie) Twitter, TripAdvisor...and more.

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