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    I'm still be able to update my ios to ios 7.1.2..!!! As Itunes shows me up...

    Is it possible? that when i connect my iphone 4S to my PC and when tried to update my SW/ios
    it show me that "Update available and will update to ios version 7.1.2 (1.3 GB in size), fixed bug: .... etc etc..,
    however i haven't updated yet but as I came to know that Apple has stopped signing and providing IOS 7 as updates
    to promote IOS version 8.x.x.
    So finally what's the truth. So I'm not updating right now because I fear that Itune might probably update my ios to
    ver. 8.x.x that I don't want, because I don't want to bear such a heavy version on my iPhone 4S.
    Please let me know..!!
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