iPhone 5 (A1429/CDMA) stuck during upgrade from iOS 7.x.y to 8.1.3


Bad situation here with my girlfriends iPhone 5... It's stuck with the Itunes usb screen.
She is almost crying now since there is no backup available! :-(

Any help very appreciated.
Have to do/try anything(?) that's possible to save pictures. So, any ideas how to avoid the final restore
solution are more than welcome! :-)

It started with a plan to upgrade to 8.1.3, from 7.0.4 (not 100% sure...) via Itunes.

There is one known issue with the phone:
Problem with the power/sleep/wake up button.

Maybe tried about 20 times now. But get error code 6 during the upgrade that stops the upgrade!
Something like iPhone device "iphone" could not be updated. Unknown reason. (6).
Then are the "progress bar" in the phone not far from the end, but it get stuck there of course when the
failure happens. And the total time until then is about 8 min. (quite good connection) It's during the first "progress bar" for the installation I see in the iphone. (Guess it's suppose to be more of them...) Before it hangs I see info like check updated iphone sw, sw update, update fast iphone sw in the Itunes interface.

If I reconnect the usb I get iTunes message Your iPhone can't be updated. You have to reset it to ...fabric settings...
No... :-( I do avoid clicking on the reset button.

- Tried with two different USB cables.
- Tried with two different PCs, Win 7 and Win 8.
- Restart and update PCs.
- Phone is charged
- Tried bypass the router
- Tried different tools (just free versions). Reiboot: Possible to exit from "Recovery mode", but after the Apple logo,
it just get's into black screen state, does not boot up....
Also tried iSkySoft Data recovery, Wondershare Dr. Fone and PhoneRescue...

Of course looked around the Internet for hours... ;-) But no luck so far.


Any ideas/thoughts/questions I have...
* Any idea to try to upgrade to another version from iTunes, any 7version...?
* The power button problem. Heard that they may change this for free... If it's not working properly now
does it limit the possibilities to get the iphone to start or get a backup at least?
* Can it be backed up in recovery mode...?
* I mentioned the Wondershare Dr. Fone sw above. iPhone connected but since I haven't bought the sw I can't try the recovery files and OS repair stuff. Can this be a good step to take...?
* Final try before restore - any suggestions of good iphone repair companies in Sweden/Sthlm that can get some data
from the phone...?

Thanks for any suggestions before I go further with the bloddy restore ....