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    Going from Jailbroken iphone 5 to new Iphone 6 and Jailbreaking.. Tips?

    I have a jailbroken iphone 5 on ios 6.1.2. that I'm about to be done using. I have many JB apps, etc, with data in them. Music, recordings, etc from the JB apps.

    I just got a new iphone 6, which is on 8.0.2 out of the box... I want to know the easier way to get back setup on my Iphone 6 with all the stuff I have on my iphone 5?

    I know I can backup the iphone 5 in itunes and restore it to the iphone 6. Do I leave Cydia, etc. on it before I do this? I don't want to lose all the data in the cydia apps. Will they all come back with the restore? I have many other JB apps with info in them. Just haven't had to go from one JB device to a new device and don't want to loose app data from JB apps. Any help would be great.

    And if you says I should remove cydia first, do all the apps delete themselves off my device and the data? I need that data so they come back with the restore. Thanks, just dont' want to mess it up.
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