How do I exit my ipad from recovery mode with TinyUmbrella without losing any data?

Hi all,

My ipad went into recovery mode upon updating it late last year. It had not been backed up since a month before this happened and I have some photos and videos in it from my holiday which I don't want to erase. I found out that TinyUmbrella can kick ipads out of recovery mode without losing any data, however, that version of TinyUmbrella didn't work on my device (probably because it had ios 8 installed). The new version of TinyUmbrella released a few weeks ago, so I installed that and it seems to have fetched the OTA from my ipad. I don't know what I should do next to retrieve the photos and videos, or if that is possible using this TinyUmbrella version at all. I would really appreciate any help in either retrieving that data from my ipad, or restoring it without losing the data.

Please note: I never backed up my ipad using iTunes, which means I have no backups of those photos and videos at all.