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    Let any application run in background and when in sleep mode (How to)

    Recently I was looking for a solution over the internet to my question:
    "How the ** do I make my YouTube app or Chrome or Live News app run in background even when I put my phone to sleep?"

    And since I didn't find the solution on the internet but found it myself I thought I'll share it, so here's what you'll need:
    - Jailbroken iOS 8
    - Cydia tweak: Multify
    - Cydia tweak: Activator
    - (optional) Cydia tweak: SmartTap

    Get "Multify" from Cydia, it's an multitasking app that let's you run multiple apps on screen. Now go to settings and in the Activation Methods (you need Activator installed for that) set shortcut for Multify, i.e. to long hold Sleep or Home button.

    Now, with that set-up use this shortcut. A round "plus" button should appear on top of the screen, press it and select the app you want to run in background and play something.
    While the app is playing simply use your shortcut again and the app will hide and keep playing while you can do anything u want on your phone. There is only one "but" to this method, if you lock your phone, don't wake it with Home button but with Power button, otherwise the background app will stop playing the sound and you have to repeat the steps to launch the playing again.

    I mentioned the optional SmartTap tweak, this is for users that have Power button broken. This tweak allows you to wake your phone by double tapping the screen and it doesn't make the background app stop playing audio.

    Hope you find it usefull :)


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