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    Arena Blobs

    Hello, we released a mobile game for iOS and Android platforms.

    Android -
    iOS -

    Short description:
    You can play alone in training mode or online with others(up to 4 players). In the game you have to choose 3 actions in a given time. When the time runs out, the actions of all players are done at the same time.
    There is a handful of various different characters to choose from with their own characteristics and also guns, power-ups and appearance customizations :)

    Currently the game is being prepared for a big update. We are planning to add lots of new weapons, characters, arenas... Since the game was released quite recently, there still might be a few bugs but we tend to fix them almost as soon as we find out about them.

    We will wait for your feedback/criticism :)

    P.S. Presently there are not enough players to be online at all times, but we are trying really hard to change that :)

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