Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0 Status Report



  • Tc
    Tc Posts: 29
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    Ever consider that Apple also was aware of that and changed some code after GM?

  • Mark
    Mark Posts: 267
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    yea i really dnt use it youtube neither, i use mxtube more than youtube anyhow. PLEASE JUS RELEASE IT.

  • Tavo
    Tavo Posts: 1
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    you tube problem is not for the general use of people that have not hacktivated the device,
    so is not a problem, the wait is nothing compared to the time and effort the dev team put in the developing of these tools

  • qweruiop13
    qweruiop13 Posts: 2
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    What do they mean by : "if you’re on a hacktivated (unofficially activated) device". What is a hacktivated device? A jailbroken one?

  • Cant hardly wait..
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    Will we get a step by step guide from upgrading to 3.0 to unlocking our phones still have mine on version 2.2, baseband 2.28 unlocked with yellowsn0w

  • newOS3
    newOS3 Posts: 6
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    you guys are great.
    keep up the good work!!!
    thank you.

  • Thomas
    Thomas Posts: 125
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    I don't mind cause i don't use Youtube to much but do what you must :) I really hope it's quick. I know Dev Team Rocks and can pull it off :)

  • Mikeyxx
    Mikeyxx Posts: 19
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    Yes and no. If you have bought an AT&T iphone to use on a different carrier, you can't activate it to make it work, you need to trick the activation on the phone and hence "hacktivate". If you are just looking for the ability to do more with your phone than Apple or the carrier will allow, that's just Jailbroken.

  • andres
    andres Posts: 23
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    yeahh i hope they release it soon...

    but i am pretty sure they are gonna release the pre version of it which youtube doesnt work friday morning.
    cuz dont u see a pattern?

    update one: wednesday morning
    update two: thursday morning
    Update three: pre jailbreak(no youtube)
    saturday or sunday: final jailbreak.

    dats my predicitons.

  • Stasiek
    Stasiek Posts: 1
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    I have you tube on my another machines. This only one app amongs many. Many other which will run.

  • Eric
    Eric Posts: 238
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    I have the regular S9 (not the HD version) and they work fine. I'm not terribly discerning when it comes to audio quality, but they sound good to me. Volume controls work, play/pause work, track forward and back DO NOT. I don't skip around much, so not a dealbreaker for me, but I'm sure there are plenty of others that aren't going to like that. I thought I read that it's the phone that doesn't support the whole AVRCP shebang, not the headphones fault.

    Count me in among those who'd rather see the jailbreak out now than worry about hacktivated YouTube. Props to the Dev Team for getting us this stuff!

  • cerpintaxt
    cerpintaxt Posts: 2
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    You're an idiot! if your going to complaint figure it ou yourself! ****!!!!!!!

  • Egypt
    Egypt Posts: 115
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    So your phone is fine when you pair your S9's and when you get a call? (the S9's do have a mic right?) O and another thing whats with the whole range thing? I read that it wont stay connected if your phone is in your pocket...? Has your songs skipped a bit because of connectivity?

  • Asd.
    Asd. Posts: 1
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    If you people are complaining about a software and modification tools that some kind people are inverting their time in... and we, comon iPhone users, are just waiting for them to release it...YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN!.

    If you had SOME respect for these people who make these kind of software possible, you should at least say thank you... not brag and complain just because a Delay.

    You dont like it? DONT USE IT!

    Simple and clean.

  • Quartermaine
    Quartermaine Posts: 1
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    My biggest worry is that I can no longer use Skype with Tricker 3G to place calls on the 3.0 update alone. I should have budgeted my minutes better, but I along with many others assumed the jailbreak would be out minutes after the official Apple release... WRONG. I should have kept my 2.2.1 JB until they were ready. At least I'll know for next time

  • haha
    haha Posts: 33
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  • Chris
    Chris Posts: 736
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    OMG u need to chill they dont have to do this at all....u could have a oem i phone this whole time....so show some respect

  • mail@philipwaud.org.uk
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    Its quite simple buddy, if you had anything like a brain, you would go out and fix it. These guys are GODS and they have worked very hard to sort this, who cares if YouTube wont work for a while?

  • Patrick
    Patrick Posts: 124
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    WOW, the most ignorant statement I've seen in my life. I want to apologize for this idiot, and say I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you guys put forth. I would definitely get it without a working youtube, even though I use it often for a quick laugh here and there.

  • T. Payne
    T. Payne Posts: 25
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    Youtube - Apples YouTube Software
    --------- Were it to become disabled but your phone was --------- jailbroken:

    Use MXTube


  • Bigsam302
    Bigsam302 Posts: 2
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    I agree! I don't use YouTube either, I prefer MxTube.

    If Dev Team releases software with a minor bug in it, I would still jailbreak my phone with it. I've been using their software for almost a year on two different phones. I know that they are good for it.

  • Frank
    Frank Posts: 215
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    I could care less about Utube app...Take ur time we dont need a lot of dead phones do it right. i already updated I miss my jailbreak but i dont need a dead phone either. Those complaining should make there own crack and leave us for good! A**holes .....IT'S FREE!! get a grip

  • Frank
    Frank Posts: 215
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    we just go through Safari to use YouTube even put a shortcut in our icons to go to it direct

  • so sad
    so sad Posts: 12
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    actually get your facts right. The GM was not released yesterday, it was released at WWDC for iphone developers.

    Don't you look stupid Mr. internet badass

    and I would pay for it if they got their heads out of their arses and been straight from the get go.

  • Dan
    Dan Posts: 348
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    I will happily use it without YouTube - I tend to use MXTube anyway

  • Rick
    Rick Posts: 104
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    I think Apple allowed the early release of 3.0 beta 1,2,3,4 and 5, for apple to keep an eye on the cracks made for them,like quickpwn.So this would give Apple time to change a few things right up to the final 3.0,to making it harder to crack,so there for the Dev. team did have alot of time to hack 3.0,but for only the version they had to work with.Keep up the good work.

  • JJ
    JJ Posts: 48
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    Jail break is more important than UTube thats what mxtube is for!

  • matt
    matt Posts: 283
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    same here. I cant live without my hacks. You 3.0'ers might have landscape txt and a few other extras that will be exciting for an hour if that. but does your phone look like mine or can you play NES?

  • Hien
    Hien Posts: 1
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    GM was released just about couple of weeks ago and remember these folks are not making money on this. Don't expect too much. Even if they have to delay this release until next week or next month, you still have to show your appreciation. At least they do care for your devices and don't release untested code.

  • yankii
    yankii Posts: 51
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    i am jailbreaking anyways youtubbe or not.... ive had my 3g since november and have used youtube on it about 3 times lol... so i could care less