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    iPhone OS 3.0 Released: 100 New Features Including Copy & Paste, MMS, Spotlight, Bluetooth, Push Not



    • mattmatt Posts: 283
      via Wordpress

      Restore and set up as new phone instead of restoring from backup. Or you will just have to wait for the jailbreak then you can use poof or sbsettings to unhide your apps. I tried the restrictions method up above on an restore a couple months back and had no luck.

    • richboyrichboy Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      this is what you do:
      1. You need to download the carrier file settings from how-to-enable-3g-tethering-in-your-iphone-30-now and save it somewhere ( I chose desktop) DONT USE THE INSTRUCTIONS TO ENABLE TETHERING FROM THAT WEBSITE, JUST GET THE FILE AND MOVE TO INSTRUCTIONS 2
      2. then copy this: defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE
      3. then open terminal on a mac that you sync itunes with. then paste the copied info into terminal and hit enter.
      4. once you have done this make sure you hit sync to sync your iphone, u dont need to let it sync entirely, u can just hit the "x" in the itunes screen to stop it then hold options and click restore.
      5. It will then ask you to chose what file to restore. search and go to where you saved the att carrier file
      it is called (att_us.ipcc) it will NOT be grayed out if you run that terminal command. If by chance it is grayed out, run the command again, then go to options restore and it will then be available to click on.
      6. Chose the file and restore. It will then add it to your iphone as the instructions above show
      7. once done you can go into settings on iphone while its connected to your computer, then go to general, then network and you will see where you can turn tethering on. I was so excited. I also agree that it is pretty fast with 3g service + it is free since you're only using data from your iphone data plan.

    • MOMO Posts: 132
      via Wordpress


      sorry bout caps :D

    • WillWill Posts: 104
      via Wordpress

      I have a 3g I obivsiously want to jailbreak and unlock my phone should I wait till Friday to update to os 3.0 and jailbreak what would you guys recommend.

    • DonDon Posts: 111
      via Wordpress

      For me I'm going to wait until dev team release the tools & ultrasnow this friday before I upgrade to 3.0

    • DonDon Posts: 111
      via Wordpress

      If you upgrade to 3.0 now you won't be able to use it, better to wait for the dev team to release the tools first.

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      If you update your iPhone to iPhone OS 3.0 you will lose both your jailbreak and unlock.

      You will have to wait for Dev Team to release tools to jailbreak it which they had mentioned will be released very soon and will have to wait until Friday to unlock it.

    • ifonGimpifonGimp Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      If the jailbreak didn't come out when they said, what makes you think that when Friday rolls around we won't be left in the same situation.

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      One of our readers, GoogleMyName had provided the following solution to make the apps visible which seems to have worked for some users. You can try it:

      General> Restrictions and enable this. This will unhide all your
      apps. You can then go back and turn restrictions off. After you turn it
      back off, all of your hidden apps that were in categories will be back

    • ThepartyguyThepartyguy Posts: 57
      via Wordpress

      no **** i miss my jailbreak too !!! i have 1st gen iphone are they omming
      out with a jailbreak for mi og phone hurts me to replace my firdt gen
      phone since i paid $600 why should i upgrade to 3gs and not palm pre?

    • ThepartyguyThepartyguy Posts: 57
      via Wordpress

      yes it does it gives you the battery icon and on the left a % rigt b4 the b for bluetooth

    • newOS3newOS3 Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      just upgraded to OS3.
      Any one notice the itune backup is super SLOW?
      takes a full 2 minutes to 'backup'

    • Dr. DRE1919Dr. DRE1919 Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      Is there a link to the new version of the jailbreak yet?

      I just restored my iphone so I could upgrade my Iphone to OFW 3.0.

      None of my apps work and I dont know if I should jail break with Quick Pwn and Iphone OFW 3.0 Beta 5 or just sit tight to be replied?

      I don't want to jail break my iphone with a unooficial version or an old version I want the latest one.

      CAn someone help please?

    • TDTD Posts: 4
      via Wordpress

      I had a jailbroken iPhone 3G and updated to OS 3.0 lastnight with no problems. All the Jailbreak apps are obviously now gone after the update. However, I am returning my phone to Apple for a warranty replacement.
      Can I confirm that there is no way for apple to know my phone was jailbroken and my warranty is valid?

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      I had written an article last year on how to re-virginize the iPhone which should be helpful in your case:

    • crystallatticecrystallattice Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      Am I the only one who is hugely dissapointed by 3.0? MMS and tethering does not work even though my carrier supports it... have to use hacks to enable it now.

      Voice memo's needs you to shout in the mic to be able to hear the recording later and the stupid battery percentage thing "only works on 3GS", what complete BS.

      I had a app on 2.2.1 that could show battery % left. What's up with voice control not working on 3G, vlingo works on 3G why can't apple support 3G. Think we need some serious hacker util to enable some of the much wanted 3.0 features for the normal 3G user.

      PS I got 3.0 from a direct link yesterday, works much better than trying to use itunes - it told me that 2.2.1 was the latest - even while I was busy downloading 3.0!

    • MadisonMadison Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      I need help....I get all the way til it says updating ram and then it never will load all the way...its like it freezes up and wont finish...what should i do now???

    • SusanSusan Posts: 10
      via Wordpress

      thanks Michael!! I had been trying for 3 hours, then found this - turned off NOD32 and it worked like a charm.

      thanks to others too - very helpful stream of convo here.

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