Apps crashings regularly, SD cards no longer mount, iFile is messed up. Should I update?

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I was very happy with my jailbroken iPad 2 running Pangu jailbreak on 7.1.2.

Until recently that is, because my device has started crashing and performing poorly in a number of ways.

Some of these problems include:

- Safari crashing regularly (on some sites more than others)
- iFile crashing when opening a video after previously opening another video in the same session
- Other iFile crashes, requiring a hard reset of the entire device before iFile will open properly again (simple reset causes system to crash)
- SD Cards no longer mount at all in iFile or photos
- Cubasis and other music production applications crash when performing certain (usually inter-app) functions
- Other apps randomly crash

This has all come on quite suddenly. iFile is a pain to try and use, and I cannot use the device as I want to.

I figure the problem is down to one or more of a few things. Perhaps some cydia tweaks have caused problems.
Either way I figure my best bet is to remove any cydia tweaks that aren’t essential, update the iOS and jailbreak again.

I’m a little out of the loop, and I’m wondering:

- Are we at an easy point in time to jailbreak an updated i device? Will it just be as simple as updating the iOS through itunes and processing the jailbreak with PP Jailbreak as per the instructions on this site? (of course, allowing any of the run-of-the-mill errors and problem solving.

- Does transfer from SD Card through iFile still work on 8.4? This is very important to me as it allows me to carry lots of videos, books and samples for music production on my travels and transfer them to the device and directly into applications. This is especially useful for my music work as I can carry a huge collection of samples and transfer them directly into the samplr app as I need them. I really don’t want to lose this ability (although currently my device is unable to mount the drive for reasons unknown)

I think I had another question but I can’t remember now…

Thanks for the help!