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    how to unlock iphone 6 icloud (HELP)

    I bought my iPhone online it worked for a few days . But know its locked to icloud. I've tried to get in touch with the guy I bought it of . But I can't reach this wan**r I didn't here of icloud lock and didn't think he was able to do this . I've been to a unlock shop an he said 200 wtf I've already got ripped with this brick ..

    I'm looking for a cheaper solution or info on software what Ive been seeing on youtube lately .. icloudlocker unlockicloud to name a few , can it be done this way or is it just bullS cause they want you to paid with survey when you try to download , an my AVG goes crazy with viruses ... So any help will save me money or breaking my laptop

    Thanks if anyone helps me an sorry if this thread is in the wrong area ..
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