EVERYTHING disappeared after jail break/no icons/apps/no dock/blank wallpaper is all I have

I think I have "bricked" my iphone 4S. All I have is my wallpaper. I can see the blurry part where the dock should be but that's all. There is nothing more. No apps, no icons. All I can do is turn my phone off or on otherwise it is totally useless. Any idea what I can do about this?
When I started Cydia after a successful jailbreak using TaiGJBreak_EN_2430 it started to act up like this. So what can I do to get my iphone back to normal PLUS running Cydia tweeks? Is there a way to open Cydia without it screwing up my system again? Can I wipe any Cydia data that might exist somewhere?
Basically: WHAT DO I DO NOW? Because this way I can not use my phone. THANKS!