iPhone 3G S Pricing for existing iPhone Users; Is it Fair?



  • Charles
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    I just finished a conversation with AT&T, I wanted to give my 3g to my daughter and order the new 3gs for myself. But obviously I wanted to switch my phone number to the 3gs, but AT&T told me I cannot do this with the iPhone. How retarded is that! If I buy a 3gs I'm guaranteed to stay 1 more year, but by not allowing me to, I can get out of this AT&T hellhole in 1 more year.

  • light.trash
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    Seriously guys. Do you really think xnetcrash doesn't know the difference between "hole" and "whole"? That was probably the most blatant attempt at irony that has ever been delivered using the English language. And you completely missed it. Just couldn't pass up the chance to hypocritically point out hypocrisy. Nice.

  • Paul Wall
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    Charles they are F.O.S. the sim card is located at the top of the phone if u stick a paperclip in the hole you can take out your sim card

  • Mr. Bentley
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    I have a major major issue with AT&T. Prior to purchasing the 16GB iphone for $299.99 2 months ago the sales rep assured me that they were not getting a new phone and here I am with this phone that I cant take back because it's past the 30 day return policy and if I wanted to upgrade it's gonna gost me an arm and a leg. I tell u ATT sure knows how to fucc its customers with no vaseline......

  • matt
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    Finally, AT&T came to their senses and is offering the discount to all iphone 3G customers starting tomorrow, June 18 and you will have the opportunity to upgrade all the way to September!


  • M. Corona
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    ATT & APPLE have done this all before, with the original release of the iPhone.

    They don't need EVERYONE to buy the 3Gs when it first comes out. They just need SOME people who will buy it overpriced. They didn't make enough to sell them to everyone that would buy one anyways.

    So they enjoy a higher profit margin, and then at some point when more phones are released and a few more kinks are worked out, they'll lower the price for the rest of us. The early adopters will be pissed.

  • a
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    My prediction: Apple will sell very little new 3GS phones this year compared to what they expect.