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    IOS 9 Incompatible Issue

    Hello guys,
    I am a new users for iphone. Few months ago, one of my relative give me a Iphone 5s and I was using it. Before some days I updated IOS 9 to it without taking backup. At that time unfortunately my Iphone stuck in the updating process. I don't know what happened and I tried to downgrade to IOS 8.4.1 in DFU mode by watching Youtube but it also stuck in the last process showing error 3194. After that I again tried to re-updated IOS 9 latest but this time it gives error "incompatible firmware" what happened. I m very upset that my iphone is bricked?

    I tried to restore this file using DFU Mode
    for IOS 8.4.1 - iPhone6,1_8.4.1_12H321_Restore.ipsw
    for IOS 9 - iPhone6,1_9.0_13A344_Restore.ipsw

    I also changed the IP of Host file in the system drive.
    I am using my Windows PC.
    I would be grateful If you give correct suggestion.
    Thank You.


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