Apple might bring Tactile Feedback to iPhone's Touchscreen

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imageApple might bring Tactile Feedback to iPhone's Touchscreen

Apple has filed a patent application with US patent office called Multi-touch display screen with localized tactile feedback. As the name suggests, the patent application reveals that Apple wants to bring haptic tactile feedback to iPhone's touchscreen. If you are a long time iPhone user and are used to its...

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  • kenny
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    that would be very nice =] hopefully its something you can turn on and off...could get a battery drainer (and we know this is already an issue) yet there still implementing things that drain your battery, ugh.

  • TimW
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    Quote/ “piezoelectric actuators", which will make it easier to use while you are driving the car etc with the help of non-visual hints so you don't have to see the screen to type. Unquote/

    Thats about the most stupid quote i've ever read on this site!! Typing whilst driving FFS!!!!
    It's f***ing idiots that txt'd or email'd that caused the deaths of 2 of my best friends.
    I really hope they DON'T use this idea for that reason alone

  • damn
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  • iPhoneHacks
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    I'm sorry to hear that. It was just an example, I agree it wasn't a good one, it is dangerous to use the mobile while driving.

    We have updated the post to strike out the example.

  • Just like vibrus3g in cydia

  • Two tones
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    Yep had it loved it

  • JB
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    I have been happy using Haptic Pro, which is an app from Cydia that utilizes that very concept. i have noticed very little if any at all battery drain in doing so. Hopefully the creator of Haptic Pro filed a patent so Apple has to pay him!

  • matt
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    I think it's a great idea but I don't think it's going to be executed correctly. I mean, you're still going to need to look at it - I don't think the actuators are going to give enough definition to the button.

  • ben
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    I think its a bad idea for the fingerprint. I know i can see my fingerprints all over my phone, untill they can get that problem out of the way it would be a sweet way to keep it secure.

  • Ambyr Amoureuse
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  • India Forex
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    People like to to buy "New" things, so to make the iphone "New" again, they have to add something to it that the previous generation doesn't have. They've done this with their ipod line as well as their operating system.

    This isn't a new concept, Microsoft is the king of milking a cash cow.

  • Jhon Williams
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    That's a good idea that will enable user to use the virtual keyboard without actually seeing it. Since it uses vibration instead of that, it might cause lot of battery drain when we use this feature.