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    Bug jailbreak iOS 9.0.2 in "5S" "mini 2" but no "4s"

    Hi ! I have a problem with my iPhone 5s and my iPad mini 2
    My girl friend have an iPhone 4S all iPhone upgrade to iOS 9.0.2 and jailbreak with Pangu. All devices ru good no lot of crash's

    But I have some problem with the 5S and mini 2 I know it's do Arm 64 ???
    I explain I have install **** Unified and Locallapstore in all devices.

    And I install an App (Play Tales) it's for children, lesson story. In the iPhone 4S I can use Locallapstore but in my 5s don't run ???? And in my iPad mini 2 the App bug it's not in full screen and I can't use it
    I have the same problem with Kodi in my iPad mini 2

    I have install the same tweak, in all my devices, for see if isn't do a Tweak make the problem ?
    But no !!! I don't understand why in my iPad mini 2 some App's don't run and the App are not in full screen and can't use its ?

    You know the tweak "forcy" when I use it, before in iOS 8.4.1, when don't run good with App, it run App with Image shifted ?
    It make the same "image shifted" in my iPad mini 2 with iOS 9.0.2 (I don't install forcy) It's just for explain the problem with some Apps (Kodi and Play Tales) and the in-app purchase don't run to like my iPhone 5S (don't have "image shifted" in my 5s just Locallapstore don't run)

    But in my girl friend iPhone 4s don't have any problems ????

    Please help me Do you know what is the problem ???? I use one time in the 5s and mini 2 Icleaner Pro ! it's possible this make crash ?

    I specify all device make a clean install ( Backup, Restore new iPhone/iPad, Jailbreak and don't restore backup but new devices and re-install all Apps manually with iTunes)
    Sorry for my langage I'm French...
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