Hack to Enable MMS on iPhone OS 3.0



  • jltdude
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    Works great for me on the new 3G S...just followed the directions. The key is to switch the SIM to a non-iphone and wait till your online account shows a diff phone...then choose the message plan (that does not say "iphone")...works like a charm...will wait to see how long it lasts!

  • Rob
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    Im on the 3G and everything is working fine except it wont send the messages. Will the SIM swap fix this?

  • Steven M
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    Here is a for sure way to enable and keep MMS:

    Do the first 4 steps above, then instead of going to wireless.att.com go to http://mymedianet.wireless.att.com. With your sim card in the non iPhone after you've made a few calls maybe even send a text or two, enter your number on the site. You will receive a text message with a code. Enter that code to register your number with media net. Then you can put your sim card back into your iPhone.

    In Settings > General > Cellular Data Network all you need to enter is MMSC: mmsc.cingular.com and MMS Proxy: Then to fix voicemail enter acds.voicemail under Visual Voicemail APN. Reboot just to be on the safe side.

    You should now be able to use mms. I've been using it for a few days now with no problems. You're welcome ;)

  • Unit1025@gmail.com
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    Is it just me or is AT&T the lamest phone company in the whole world? seriously? your system is that pathetic that you can't handle MMS, a tech thats what, almost a decade old now? If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen and give the phone to someone who will let it be used to it's full potential. I was extremely happy with Cingular then AT&T had to go and phuck that up. From day one after they became AT&T Customer Service has been nonexistant. I'm surprized they even that the guts to call it a "customer service" line.

  • cody
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    I haven't had any problems with AT&T. Maybe thats just because of where I live?

    The people in the store know me cause I am always in there. I have bought 4 iPhones from them. (1st Gen x2, 3G, and 3GS).

    Currently on my plan it says that I have a Razr phone and I added an unlimited data plan. I can send pictures and tether on 3.0 with no problems at all.

    I just did this about 3 weeks ago and they have no idea that I have an iPhone (just told them it was broke).

  • yugifan156
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    I didn't even do the itunes bit and I just followed freedoms instructions and now mms is working fine for me. I have a Jailbroken 3G running 3.0 with mms =D hurrray!

  • tftf16
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    The hack does work for my 3g but it took 3 days for AT&T to enable it on my account cuz on the 3rd day, which is today I got an email from AT&T saying
    that changes have been made to my account and so I tryed sending a pic and now it works. Jus wait a couple days

  • Tc
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    Thanks Freedom. Worked perfectly!

  • rocku24
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    I must be missing something because i follow the steps i got MMS to wk.like Justin it works for me too no sim replacment needed. My 3G had a working SwirlyMMS for more than six months now, but i can get it to install after 3.0 upgrade.

    How are you guys able to access all those additional setting? the only one i see is for the tethering.

  • JustinWoodypond
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    Did you update the ipcc through iTunes? If not, you need to do that and then reboot your phone for the mms feature to appear.

  • dave
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    Yes Yes Ultrasn0w is out and MMS is working on my Tmobile 3G!!!!!!!!!!! It's on NOW!!!!!! THANKS DEV TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yankii
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    it worked perfectly for me :D

  • rocku24
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    I have follow all the steps above my MMS works fine i can even turn in tethering. But i can access any of these "settings > general > network > cellular data network" settings to reset my visual voice mail

    These options just isn't on ATT iphones like mbhullar said. If i am wrong can you help?

  • rocku24
    rocku24 Posts: 6
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    I have follow all the steps above my MMS works fine i can even turn in tethering. But i can't access any of these "settings > general > network > cellular data network" settings to reset my visual voice mail

    These options just isn't on ATT iphones even after the update in iTunes like mbhullar said. If i am wrong can you help?

  • crystallattice
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    Not sure why everyone wants to use iTunes to load the ipcc, just email it to an email account that you can open on your phone and open the attachment, did it with gmail and works!

  • rocku24
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    Got the new setting Thankz

  • MrOhemgee
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    Works like a charm. Just did the phone swap. Gotta love my co-workers helping me out by donating their phones.

  • Jason
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    I just tried this and after connecting my iPhone to iTunes and attempting a sync, I get an error message stating "This iPhone could not be synced. Error code -9666". I wonder if this is already blocked by Apple/ATT?

    After I reset the "carrier-testing" flag back to 0, my phone would sync, but iTunes said it was unrecognized and needed to either clear it out or restore from backup. Yikes!

  • mbhullar
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    Rocku24, I got these settings now, however, I am jailbroken and I ran a cydia app called apn editing and now I see
    settings->general->network->cellular data network


  • TunTap
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    Worked beautifully (6/23 - 10PM) :-)

    Question is why doesn't AT&T release this already - it's clearly supported lol.

  • Rah
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    someone please help. i've tried and tried but the camera icon in my text app just will not appear. it did once when i first installed beta4 but now it will not appear. i've beeh through different ispw files and different ipcc files including the one above. someone please help.

  • Michael
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    I have the new iPhone 3G S. i really love it. if you are interested check out my blog i recently started on. http://www.advancedtechnologyworld.blogspot.com/
    if possible look it over and comment on something with some tips you may have to offer me, thanks in advance!

  • geogo3r
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    It sucks because my phone is in a plan such that I cant have a MyWireless account so no MMS until it's officially released.

  • Ghostman74
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    I have a sneaky suspicion the reason AT&T won't support MMS until ~Oct. has more to do with some undisclosed line in the Apply-AT&T contract than with whether or not they can handle the additional capacity requirements. I have read, though, that the current capacity of AT&T's network is being seriously taxed on the TXT MSG and Data protocols due to twitter and the iPhone.

    Can anyone else confirm this?

  • RobSoCal
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    Works for me on a locked 3g @2216 on 6/23/09. Has been working for about four hours now. I did a combo of the things listed above.

  • Issjon
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    I have same issue and I downloaded the file posted above. Gets most of the way then stops with red exclamation!


    No issue with visual voice mail

  • kott0n@gmail.com
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    I followed the above steps to the T

    When I called ATT I used my gf's phone with my sim card in it. I gave the IEMI number off the second phone. Switched from iPhone data and txt plan to the cheaper unld data and txt plan. Now with a normal iphone OS release, the IPCC files to enable mms and some sweet talking with ATT I can send and recieve MMS.
    The key point is to make ATT think you no longer have an iphone. So I saved 10 bucks a month and gained MMS.

    Thanks for the space I hope this helps some of you.

  • Cygnett
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    is anyone going to buy a case for their new iPhone? there are some awesome ones coming out already:


  • Love
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    i cannot choose the ipcc file. im a mac user. it shows up in a payload folder and when i open the folder cannot select the file. i have tried everythin and changin the file name. any help

  • Scapegoat
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    EMS Pilot66 try this
    dont copy the quotes
    "CD C:\Program Files\iTunes\"
    then at the next prompt
    "iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1"