AT&T Activated Record Breaking 2.4 million new iPhones in Q2 2009

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imageAT&T Activated Record Breaking 2.4 million new iPhones in Q2 2009

When Apple announced that they had sold 5.2 million iPhones in Q3 2009, it was quite obvious that it would have a positive impact on AT&T's results which is the exclusive carrier for Apple's iPhone in the US. AT&T has just announced that it activated a record breaking 2.4 million...

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  • salsa
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    I predict a "RAZR effect" as fallout for AT&T after being the exclusive iPhone carrier for two years now.

    Most people who had RAZRs thought they were good for one reason (size) but sucked in just about every other way, and now Motorola is in the crapper. The lesson was "thin phones: cool, Motorola: not cool."

    Similarly, once the iPhone is freed from AT&T (when already?!), the lesson will be "iPhone: awesome, AT&T: teh sux."

    It will take a few years for it to be clear, but AT&T is digging its own grave faster every quarter.

    "It's the network" indeed.

  • Dan
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    MMS is functional on the 3GS running firmware 3.1 beta 2! It wasnt working a few days ago... Weird

  • no noob
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    3.1 firmware beta, you noob

  • hxclos
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    I'm hoping my current tethering hack isn't disabled the day AT&T finally decides to enable MMS. I doubt if they enable tethering, they will keep our data plans unlimited. Sure there is always PdaNet and other Cydia apps that give us tethering, I just find the built in iPhone tethering hack much more convinient and easy to use.

  • coke
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    at&t is hold back the iphone with all there restriction,iphone need a network that could let it live up to it's true potential.

  • engage16
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    I doubt that's 2.4 million new subscribers like they make the article sound... only about .4 million new subscribers, the rest are people cashing in our upgrade discounts...

    Oh and i dont see why att doesn't activate mms... its easy enough to hack on to your phone....

  • Theresa
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    With more and more people flocking to smartphones, I wonder how those activations will affect mobile marketing. Check this out: