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    IPod is disabled workaround


    I have an iPod Touch 4th gen. It is showing 'iPod is Disabled' and from what I calculated, will be for the next 44 years!! A simple prank by kids...not so simple to undo!

    So I know my passcode, but do not have access to my original iTunes install/library and associated email account, who knows what the Apple login details were...I made it about a decade ago for my 3GS.

    I have tried to use the 'Gecko iPhone Toolkit' on my Windows 7 32-bit laptop, which I have installed JRE 7.0 and iTunes which I think should be compatible with the tool.

    Put the ipod into DFU mode and was able to connect the ipod with the tool all OK. I can run 'Read lockscreen password' perfectly. It produces the passcode I expected to see. All good. However, I need to Bypass "iPhone disabled", but then the Java app runs, I only get this:-

    Connect a device in DFU mode
    MobileDevice Event: MuxConnect, 0, 0

    Nothing else, it seems to do nothing.

    The ipod itself is showing:-

    Error, no successful firmware download after 60000 ms!! Giving up...

    So I am at a loss. I tried doing it on my Windows 10 laptop, which is running 64 bit OS but I installed JRE 7.4 and an iTunes 10 variant, but have the same problem.

    Any ideas, or are there any new tools available - I believe the Gecko toolkit is quite old now?

    Thanks for your suggestions!
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