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    Dev Team Release RedSn0w to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS & UltraSn0w to Unlock iPhone 3GS



    • kristikristi Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Thank you again for another great and easy j/b and unlock. I have used it twice on my phone and on my boyfriends. Worked like a charm. You guys are great. I am having a problem...not due to update. Was actually hoping update would fix it. My internal speaker isn't working. Not sure if some upgrade messed it up or what. I can only hear on speaker phone and I have tried the headphone jack. Not the culprit. I can BARELY hear the voicemail but so lightly. Any ideas?

    • Asad ManzoorAsad Manzoor Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Hi all,
      I'm almost newbie and I'm lil dumb as well that why i coudn't find "UltraSn0w to Unlock iPhone 3GS" I don't know why is that please send me a link so I can download it I wanna unlock my Iphone 3GS 16 gb which is from Rogers and before that I've to reactivte it as it was deactivate by resetting all, it will down but unlocaking needs some Snow.
      then I will look for jailbreak my core issue is my device is locked and sit idle so am i please please help.

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