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    Half of storage capacity (5.5GB) is missing, taken by "Other" content, how to wipe?

    I have an iPad 4 16GB. I know that apps use some space for caching, but the situation on my iPad is now beyond the acceptable level. My apps use 6.5GB space from the storage, 5.5GB is taken up by "Others". And if I create additional free space by deleting documents, the new free space gets filled up fast. I deleted 2GB of videos recently, it got filled up in a week. How can I determine which app is taking this much space so fast, and how can I remove its cache? Having 6.5GB available of a 16GB capacity storage is untenable.

    It would be good if I could remove the junk manually. I cannot do a Factory Reset and then restore a back up from my computer, because I want to avoid slowing down my iPad installing the latest iOS version, and also because some people reported it is not sure it will solve the problem.

    Deleting all apps and reinstalling them is not a solution either, because I have apps that I need and are not available at app store any more.

    Only a manual cache delete solution or a reset and restore that doesn't change the iOS version would be acceptable.

    Any ideas?


    • fl3mezfl3mez Posts: 11
      The good thing about apple, is that once you have downloaded an app (or purchased it) it will always be available for you to download in the future. Now before you try it out first check if you have it available to you. Go to the App Store -->Updates-->Purchased-->(Depending on if you have family sharing on) My Purchases (If you don't, don't worry about this) --->and there should be a list of all your apps you have ever downloaded, if you delete one you should be able to go back here and re-download it for free, even if the app is no longer on the app store! (Just double check this, iv been doing this with flappy bird, i can still download it even though its not on the app store)
    • soniosonio Posts: 3
      I have checked that list at AppStore, but unfortunately it is not the case. The most important app that I need every way is missing from the list, even if I paid money for that. So this way a delete and reinstall cannot be done.
    • fl3mezfl3mez Posts: 11
      hmm that is a problem, have you tried to make a backup? not sure if that will help but if you do that it should copy the app in question.
    • soniosonio Posts: 3
      edited January 2016
      No, I don't really want to do a backup and factory reset because I fear iOS 9 will slow down my iPad. Many reported older devices became annoyingly slow under iOS 9. I have an iPad 4, it already became slower than before with the iOS 8 update.

      I am thinking of copying the apps to my PC with iFunBox, do a full erase of data, then copy the apps back. Maybe that would work, though I fear to do that.

      I also tried searching for the system folders that may hold the junk, but they are not visible in file explorers, I guess you need to do a jailbreak to access the directories concerned :/
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