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    Can anyone help with iPhone 6s please!!

    alexwilkoalexwilko Posts: 1
    edited January 2016 in iPhone Forum
    Hello all, This is my 1st time on here so I'm praying ive added this to the right place!

    I need some help please, I have an unfortunate accident with my brand new (7 day old) iPhone 6s was in my back pocket when I went the loo & it went for a quick swim! Obvs I got it out as quick as I could & then went into panic mode, dried it as best I could shook some water out of it & then put it in rice but it hasn't come back on. Has been 3-4 days now. I've tried putting it on charge & the bottom end of the phone vibrated & it gets very warm when in charge so I keep unplugging it as I'm scared it going to blow up for something lol.....

    People keep telling me to take it back to the shop as it's completely dead & tell them it just stopped working! Not sure if I'm too honest for that tho lol....

    The phone is insured & I've read the policy inside out & it just says I'm covered for loss, damage or theft, doesn't say I'm not insured for water damage but I just don't know what to do!

    I'm scared I'm going to be left with a brand new phone contract for the next 2 years & no phone!!

    Any advice here would be gratefully accepted! I've never done anything like this before I've had 4 iPhones in the past from the 1st ever iPhone & water damage is a 1st for me!!!!

    Thanks Alex xx


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