Google Voice related iPhone Apps Rejected from the App Store

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imageGoogle Voice related iPhone Apps Rejected from the App Store

While we wait for streaming music service Spotify's iPhone app to get approved, we have news that Apple has banned all Google Voice related iPhone apps including Google's official Google Voice application from the App Store. Apple has rejected the iPhone apps as they are duplicating features that are already...

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  • Don
    Don Posts: 111
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    AT & T is being unfair & their service sucks

  • Jay
    Jay Posts: 295
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    You say their service "sucks" but under what conditions? 3G isn't available everywhere just like all companies. Service overall also isn't available everywhere either, but all companies have that problem. AT&T is trying to create a monopoly, but that does not mean that they suck.

  • Jenny
    Jenny Posts: 18
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    What about all of us that aren't in the US? Can't Apple approve apps for everyone else?

  • Josh Holt
    Josh Holt Posts: 2
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    Apparently, all of these "dropped calls" must occur in California...Cnet constantly reviews phones for AT&T stating poor service and dropped calls...I'm not sure if it has occurred to any of these people that many different markets have widely varying service abilities...I started Law School in Jacksonville, FL (largest US city based on land mass, google it) and I had 3g everywhere...Now I live in Indiana, near Chicago, i have exceptional, 3g coverage from NW Indiana, to Wisconsin...I never use wi-fi there is no point...but all of these reviewers, based in other locations....Sucks to be you, but remember, service may be different than it is in your back yard, or at your Mom's house....

  • Shriv
    Shriv Posts: 14
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    sorry to say,

    but they do SUCK. AT&T is almost WORTHLESS compared to other companies around the world.

    but...yes in the US. if u want a gsm phone...well i guess u dont really have much of a choice.

  • steve jobless
    steve jobless Posts: 3
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    Fucking AT & T must be swallowed by MicroSoft.
    Fuckin dirty mother fuckin company AT & T.
    I still hae GV app hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Unlocked to use T Mobile
    I install Windows 7 on my McBook Hahahahahahahahahahah
    In the future Mac will be considered as Mc
    what BigMc hhahahahahahahahahahahahah
    Steve Jobs.....Still Alive?

  • k.rock
    k.rock Posts: 13
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    I don't understand why Google doesn't release their apps via Cydia? Just circumvent apple all together. They could release both location and GV. Or work with an outside developer to post them.

  • zorro
    zorro Posts: 12
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    I don't understand what hold AT&T have over Apple. Surely Apple should just let all the carriers buy iPhones and screw AT&T? It's not like AT&T are going to say no we don't want the iPhone is it?

  • Marja
    Marja Posts: 1
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    iPhone is become addiction for users and this craze is pushing iTune to promote their business and get more bucks. I am not sure why they are not supporting Google Voice on App store where on the other hand they are adding hundreds of new apps on store, iWound was one of them which i have purchased, its an art & fashion mag and superb app. AT&T and iTune should not make it an issue.

  • k.rock
    k.rock Posts: 13
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    Well... GV is already on Cydia

  • Bob
    Bob Posts: 183
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  • tehreflex
    tehreflex Posts: 3
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    This app is available on Cydia now :)

  • Chris
    Chris Posts: 736
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    It's AT&T who ordered to pull ALL google voice apps, get your facts straight.

  • Chris
    Chris Posts: 736
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    "in all history?"

    I've got one word...


  • Ted
    Ted Posts: 35
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    Look at it this way if Apples refuses applications then post to cydia then even more reason to jailbreak just to get good applications that make the iPhone even better.

  • Ohmagic
    Ohmagic Posts: 0
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    Google should just pull their map services on the iPhone, and all their other apps. Then sue apple for letting the 100s of other dialers and free txt apps to exist when they wouldn't allow theirs. They could probably settle for 1/3 control over apple.

  • ycl
    ycl Posts: 2
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