Pangu 1.3.0 released for iOS 9.1 jailbreak

Pangu team has just released an updated version of Pangu 9 which is compatible for jailbreak iOS 9.1.As well as they said that the kernel bug used to exploit the iOS 9.1 system is received from Lokihardt and that is patched in iOS 9.2 update. So this update will only supports iOS 9.1.

Here is jailbreak steps for newbies

1. Download Pangu 1.3.0 latest version from Pangu official site.
2. Connect your device to the computer, have a complete backup
3. Run Pangu while the device connected to the PC
4. Wait for Pangu detects your device and click jailbreak.
5. Everything else beyond that step is automated.

I will help anyone interested further for jailbreak their devices.