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    9.3 Beta lock screen Hack Possible?

    On the iOS 9.2.1 you can bypass the lock screen by typing 2 digits then asking Siri the time, checking the add new city then selecting letters (I.e.: ZZ) then select all, then share, open message and so on. I watched every video out there and read all the forms - that did work...but somehow on the iPhone 6s Plus with a 6 digit code when you follow those same steps - after you hit 'select all' there is then only the option to copy and/or paste. NO sharing etc., is available therefor you cannot proceed. I tried some other methods out there - none worked on 9.3 beta.

    Am I missing anything? Or has this not yet been hacked? The update was not available on my phone yet but somehow I think my friend did get the update - why else wouldn't it work on their phone.

    Tips or advice? We are trying to figure it out!
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