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    iPhone 5s on ios 7.1.1 i want to restore, can i???


    I have SIM unlocked my 5s and had to do a restore for it to apply. So I did a backup then restored from that backup.
    The thing is, before that, I did a semi-restore because I didn't want to lose the jailbreak (which is stupid because I lost the tweaks anyway so...)

    So yeah, now my phone is acting up, I cannot send MMS, iMessage doesnt work anymore and my 3G doesnt work: even though I have the lil 3G icon displayed, it says "no internet" -_-

    I want to do a full restore in order to get a clean 7.1.1 system that I will jailbreak after.
    I still have the 7.1.1 restore .ipsw on the computer.

    Can I do that or will it force me to upgrade to iOS 9 at some point?


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