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    Accessing APN configuration

    Hello I'm a proud owner of iPhone 5S iOS ver. 9.3.2,

    So I am on my vacation in my home country in Poland. I normally live in Japan, in which I own an iPhone 5S on the au carrier. Of course that means my phone is sim locked and carrier locked (no access to personal hotspot and the whole Cellular Data Network with the crucial APN setting is missing) and the au wouldn't lift a finger to help me - that's typical and expected and I learned to live with it.

    Last year in a bit similar circumstances, I was also on vacation in Poland I bought myself a gevey sim, but also my 5S was jailbroken so with gevey I managed to get my SIM card working and using Cydia tweaks, I could access my APN settings without any problems.

    This year however I no longer have my phone JB and while the gevey still works with the new iOS, I am unable to access the APN setting - therefore I have no internet, nor I can't create a personal hotspot. This is a big issue for me because, I'm living in a bit of a rural area, and the place I'm living has no internet, and even though, my kind neighbor lets me use his wifi, frankly it's barely working - lots of interruptions, and yesterday from like 8 PM - this morning it didn't work at all.
    So, I researched a bit, I used the brilliant website unlock but it wouldn't work, not sure if it uses outdated settings or its just unable to change settings like I am. I read about IMEI unlock, and I would be willing to pay, but apparently my phone wouldn't work in Japan when I get back, and that's out of the question.

    I found out that there MAY BE a JB for 9.3.2 soon (early July rumor?) which would save me definitely, but I also found out the IPCC thingy which could also technically save me. I already made changed to iTunes but here's the problem.The IPCC files are simply not available ANYWHERE. My current carrier is Polish Orange and while I read some comments about them being on Web, the comments were from like 2011 and all links are outdated.

    So is there any hope for me? Any hidden IPCC website that I missed? any other way of accessing APN settings?
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