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    Program to boot iPad into Recovery without using the Home button

    I have an iPad on which it says "iPad is disabled. Connect to iTunes", but iTunes does not recognise that it's conected. Anyway, I'd like to restore it but the Home button is broken so the "usual" way of holding down the Power and Home buttons doesn't work. The people in my local Apple store couldn't even get it into Recovery mode. However, one of the assistants there told me to do a Google search and I would find a Windows program which would boot the iPad into Recovery mode. He was unable to tell me the name of the program but hinted that it began with the letter B. Does anyone know which program can boot an iPad into Recovery mode? Thank you.

    PS I did try RecBoot but it didn't work. I need a method to put the iPad into Recovery mode without using the Home button.
    I'm not bothered about saving any data on the iPad; I only used it to browse the web and for a couple of games,.
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